About Us

Glenbrook Christian Fellowship is a small, independent evangelical church in North Manchester, England. Our main service is at 11:00 am every Sunday morning in the Hall, 25 Glenbrook Road, Higher Blackley, Greater Manchester M9 0PQ. The church was founded in the early decades of the last century as a need grew in the area for a local Christian fellowship. Our
 Church History page gives an interesting account of the founding, growth and activities of the church over the years. Today, Glenbrook still serves the local community as a place of Christian worship, and our congregation meets regularly for Sunday services, Bible studies and other activities. You can read more about our regular activities, and some special events at Glenbrook in the Events and Activities section. If you wish to get in touch, please email Paul on paul.martin.beck@gmail.com

As an evangelical church, the preaching of the Gospel message to the local and wider community is of great importance. From the Sunday School through to larger special events, we share the wonderful truth of the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the salvation from sin through Him. Please read some of our articles about how God can change the lives of each one of us.

Our services are not based on tradition or religious customs, but focus on God’s word, communicated to us through the Bible. The beliefs we hold are based on direct and balanced interpretation of the Bible. Our Statement of Doctrine is a concise list of our beliefs, as a church, together with the Bible verses on which we base these beliefs.

Besides our endeavour to preach the Gospel to the community, we also observe the other teachings and commandments of the Lord Jesus Christ as communicated through the Bible. We partake of Holy Communion as a fellowship each week. We also practice baptism by full-immersion, when a person asks to be baptised on their own decision. We do not baptise babies, but hold dedication services in which we ask for God’s guidance in the life and upbringing of the child.

The leadership of our church is based on the biblical principle of ‘deacons and elders.’ Matters such as this, together with other matters such as membership, are detailed in our Constitution.

Please feel free to browse through the other sections of this site, to find out more about us, and more importantly, to learn about what we believe, and the wonderful life that God wants you to have!

Messy Church Easter 2021

During the lockdown, we have been thinking how we could carry on Messy Church whilst maintaining social distancing, meeting the government guidelines and keeping safe. So we have come up with ‘Messy Church in a box’. Boxes will be going out in March 2021.