January 2022 Messy Church

Welcome to the website edition of the Glenbrook Messy Church being held online on 29th January 2022

We realise a lot of children cannot join us because of other commitments, so please complete the crafts with us using the details below to guide you. We will update this website with any appropriate video footage from the day. No video footage contains images of children participating.

This month, we are using ideas from the Messy Church at home website on New Beginnings by Peter Nash:

You can download the original pdf for more details from here

The Caterpillar

We start off by making a caterpillar from an egg box with green tissue paper. The idea of recycling items and junk modelling expresses in craft the concept of making something new from something old which is what the Lord Jesus does when He changes our lives.
In the envelopes you will find the materials to make your caterpillar and the other crafts.

2022 Calendar

We now make a craft calendar with a tree in its 4 seasons with our verse 2 Corinthians 5:17. You can turn the tree pages to show the season.

At the start of each new year, we make promises to ourselves that we will change; we
call these resolutions. It could be that we change what we eat for more healthier food or decide to reduce
how much we eat. We might decide to do more exercise or spend less time looking at screens and get
out in the fresh air. Whatever it is, it can be hard to keep these changes up. God loves us just the way we
are, but he does not want to leave us that way. He wants us to be just like him, and one way we can grow
in our lives is to read his word, the Bible. Matthew 4:4 says, ‘A person does not live only by eating bread.
But a person lives by everything the Lord says’ (ICB). Why not start reading the Bible today, and let the
words of God transform your life?

The Butterfly

Now add wings, legs and antenae to the caterpillat to make it into a butterfly. Push the 2 shorter pipe-cleaners through the wings and around the certerpillar and tighten with a coulple of twists. Push the large pipe-cleaner through the ‘eyes’ of the caterpillar and tighten with a twist and shape the ends. .

Paul’s Conversion

Ann will now tell the story of Paul’s conversion on the road to Damascus and how the Lord Jesus changed his life.
There is a drawing with a flap to stick on to show how Paul met with Jesus.

Before Paul met Jesus After Paul met Jesus

New Heart

Ezekial 36 v 26-27 (ICB) says: Also, I will teach you to respect me completely. I will put a new way to think inside you. I will take out the stubborn heart like stone from your bodies. And I will give you an obedient heart of flesh. I will put my Spirit inside you. And I will help you live by my rules. You will be careful to obey my laws.

This is represented in the food craft shown below: