February 2022 Messy Church

This week we are looking at ‘Large and Small’ with the story of David and Goliath.

Craft 1: Make 3 sheep

Stick on cotton wool and colour.

Craft 2: David

Listen to Sue explaining the craft.


Colour in the sheep and glue the bottom strip to make a stand.

Craft 3: Goliath and Armour

Either turn off small pieces of tissue paper and stick onto armour or glue armour, face down, onto tissue paper and tear around each piece.
Fold the excess underneath.
Stick on the armour and colour the rest of Goliath.
Use the plain strip of card to make a stand by gluing to each end of base.

Craft 4: Shooter

Trace over the memory verse using felt tips or a pencil.
Colour Goliath and glue around the cardboard ‘Shooter’.
Try the shooter.  



Craft 5: Food Craft

Spread the buttercream on the biscuit bag and add 5 jelly bean stones.
Tie the strawberry lace around the top of the bag.