November 2021 Messy Church

Welcome to the website edition of the Glenbrook Messy Church held online on 21st November.

We realise a lot of children couldn’t join us becasue of other commitments, so please complete the crafts with us using the details below to guide you.

Craft 1: Angel Gabriel Model

Intersetingly, the angel Gabriel appeared to both John’s mother Elizabeth and Jesus’s mother Mary to them of the coming miraculous birth of their children. John was conceived even though his parents were old, and Jesus was conceived through God’s miraculous intervention.

Make the angel as shown below and see how the label can be changed from Jesus to John.

Craft 2: Stick Puppets

Make the stick puppets as shown below .


Listen to Sue telling the story of the angel telling the families and how things happened.
You will find the original story in Luke 1 and Matthew 1v18-24

The story is split into 2 parts:

Part 1

Listen to Florence, Jean and Naomi explain the next 3 crafts;

Craft 3: John – Slot and slide

Craft 4: Advent Calendar

Craft 5: Food Craft – Name Plaque

Ball Bearing Illustration

Nativity Book and Close