Springtime Service

Welcome to our Springtime service.

Section 1: Society Songs

Introducing 3 songs.

Sing along with ‘Whenever April showers come along’.

Sing along with ‘Tip-toe through the tulips’.

Sing along with ‘The sun has got his hat on’.

Introducing 3 more songs.

Sing along with ‘Blue skies are smiling at me’.

Sing along with ‘I will be with you in apple blossom time’.

Sing along with ‘It might as well be spring’.

Section 2: Spring Crafts

Images of the Easter Garden and other craft work:

Introducing the crafts

The craft demonstration

The Craft

Thank you for the craft

Section 3: The Story of Easter


Introducing ‘There is a green hill far away’

Introducing ‘When I survey the wondrous cross’

Introducing ‘The old rugged cross’

Introducing the story

The story

Introducing ‘Thine be the glory’

Introducing ‘I serve a risen Saviour’

Introducing the final prayer

The final prayer

Sharing the blessing.