Books of the Bible.

The vision for this series came after a recognition that the children were being given bible stories to listen to, often without knowing from what part of the bible they came from. Some lessons covered ground that the children had covered before, but never covered many of the books of the bible which had beneficial lessons to learn.

It also has the vision of building up the children’s knowledge in a way that they owned what they had covered through the completion of their own ‘Bible Box’. The bible box was filled up each week with a folded card containing details of the book they have studied that week.

It also has the vision of engaging the children in the study with some practical invovlement such as a craft.

The repeated use of the ‘Books of the Bible Song’ is used to re-inforce the studies and help them memorise the books of the bible off by heart.

We marked off on a chart the progress we made:

We found the series so successful, that we decided to publish what we have done on our website.

All of our content is free to use and we would be delighted with any feedback you might give.

We have done all 66 books of the bible in our Sunday School, but it will take us a bit of time to write up all of the lessons. We are now going over the books again, but choosing different stories this time.


1 Thessalonians
2 Thessalonians
2 Peter
1 John
2 John
3 John

We also use a bible chart to see where the book appeared in history.

This is to get a better understanding of the context of the book being studied.