Exodus Sunday School Lesson


To see that God has a plan.

Ice Breaker

Have a puzzle that need instructions to solve.

See if any of the children can solve it.

Hand out the instructions and let them see if they can solve them.

Bible Card

  • Author: Moses
  • Type: Law
  • Written: 1440-1400 BC
  • No. Chapters: 40
  • O.T. Book No.: 2


God had promised to make a nation of the Hebrews in Israel.

God wanted to give them laws to live by in their own land.
Instead they were enslaved by the Egyptians. Anything else seemed impossible.

God had a plan.
It starts with a baby. Click here to listen to the story

Exodus Chapter 2 verses 1 to 10.

How did Moses being brought up in Pharoah’s household help Moses to be the leader he became?

Consider his education.
Consider his contacts and influence.

God will work his purposes out in ways we may not be able to imagine. We need to trust Him, even though things may be difficult.


Make a Moses basket.
Hand out pieces of card with the following template.

Cut out the circle. Make cuts toward the middle and cut out the strips.

Push the circle into a Ramekin dish or equivalent making sure that the card is pushed into the base, then tape around the top.

Pull out the basket shape and weave the cut strips of card into the basket.

Make a baby out of playdough. Put a leaf then the baby into the basket.


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