Numbers Sunday School Lesson

To see the how Jesus came to be lifted up on the cross save us through the picture of Moses lifting the snake.

Ice Breaker
'Beware of the snakes'

Cut out lots of snakes and put them all over the floor.
Put ‘Beware Snakes’ posters on the door.

The children have to get to their seat without standing on a snake.

Eah snakes head has either a number of 1 to 4 or the word ‘Bite’.  The children can pick up snakes adding tbe numbers up.  But if tbey get a ‘Bite’ snake, they are out.  The highest total wins.  Normally there is only 1 person that survives.

Bible Card

  • Author: Moses
  • Type: Law
  • Written: 1446-1406 BC
  • No. Chapters: 36
  • O.T. Book No.: 4

Today we are doing a book in the bible.

See if you can guess what it is by giving you a clue:
Then say some numbers like 216, 73, 2, 16 etc. Hopefully someone will say ‘Numbers’.

Read the story of the bronze snake from Numbers 21 v 5-9.

If you can, put a giant snake on a stick as a visual aid, then ask why there is this strange story in the bible.

Then read John 3 v 14-16 and compare the 2 stories.

The snakes represent sin.

See how sin leads to death.

Jesus became our sin so that we might be saved.

See how by calling on Jesus to be saved, we can receive forgiveness and salvation.


Let each child cut out a snake, colour it in and attach it to a stick.

An alternative craft is to make a cross out of a snake, and do it while telling the  story.


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