06 Joshua


To trust God and do things God’s way.

Ice Breaker

Ask the children a difficult problem and ask them for the answer?

Ask them how difficult is the problem.

For example, how to get an ice cube into a bottle without breaking it into pieces. If ice it too obvious, suggest a metal ball.

Then tell them the solution and see how difficult the problem is now.

In this example melt the ice (or in principle the metal ball) into the bottle using a funnel.

Bible Card 

  • Author: Joshua
  • Type: History
  • Written: Between 1550 and 1404BC
  • No. Chapters: 24
  • O.T. Book No.: 6


Joshua led the people of Israel into the promised land.  Thet had left Egypt, spent 40 years in the wilderness and now they were coming to the place that God had promised them.
But, there was a giant city in the way, with big walls and lots of scary people in it.

How would they feel?  How would you feel attacking those big wall?  Would many get killed?

Yes, it was scary, but on the way, someone met Joshua.  Read Joshua chapter 5 v13,14.

God then told Joshua what to do.  Read Joshua chapter 6 v3-5, 10.

For 6 days, march around once.

On the 7th day ,march around 7 times.  Then blow the trumpets and shout and the walls will fall.   They have a victory without getting killed.

The lesson is to trust God and do things His way.

Teach this song and show this video:


Make a trumpet using an A4 sheet of paper rolled into a cone.

Write on the paper Joshua 24v24 We will server the Lord.

Have a load of foam bricks, and everyone helps  make a round wall.

Then get the children to march around the wall seven times. Then shout, blow the trumpets and knock the walls down.