Judges Sunday School Lesson

a) To look at a strong woman in a prominent role in the bible. To build up the girls.
b) To learn to wait on God and act.

Ice Breaker
The Palm Tree game. A variation of the “Tumblin’ Monkeys” game.
Here you have decide which straws to remove in order to get the most monkeys.

Say that the point of the game is that you are having to make decisions under the palm tree.

Who else did that?

Bible Card

  • Author: Samuel plus others
  • Type: History
  • Written: Approx 1000 BC
  • No. Chapters: 21
  • O.T. Book No.: 7


When we covered the book of Ruth , it was in a time of peace.

What happened to make this peace, as there were often times of war.

Boaz’s Mum was someone else in the lineage of Jesus.  Does anyone know who it was? See Matthew 1v6, and it was Rahab who saved the spies.  Ruth was also mentioned in this verse.   They were important people in Christ’s lineage and they were women.  There was peace in the land at that time because of another woman, Deborah.

It wasn’t always like that.  Read Judges 4v1-3.  Sisera, the commander of the Canaan army, with 900 chariots was very cruel to the people of Israel for 30 years.  The Jews asked God for help.

Read Judges 4v4,5 Deborah sat under a palm tree called the ‘Palm Tree of Deborah’.

She was a prophetess, and a judge for the people of Israel.

Can you image her sitting there, listening to their arguments, looking to God for wisdom and explaining the will of God.

One day, she had a command from God for a man called Barak and a prophesy.  Read Judges 4v6-10.

Barak insisted Deborah came with him.  She agreed, but then said that the cruel man would die by the hand of a woman.

This is exactly what happened as explained in the rest of chapter 5.   Chapter 6 contains a song that Deborah and Barak sang in victory, with the last verse saying that they had peace for 40 years.

So what do we learn about Deborah?  She was a great woman of God who waited on God and was not afraid to say what God wanted her to say.  May we all learn from the life of Deborah.


Make Deborah under the Palm.


  • Paper Plate
  • Rolled up paper
  • Cut out palm leaves
  • Body cut-out shape
  • Pens to draw a
  • face on the shape
  • Dress made from a folded strip of felt with a cut in the top for the head.
  • Notice with a summary of the verse such as:

Judges 4v4,5 The prophetess  Deborah sat under a palm tree to judge the Israelites.



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