1 Samuel Sunday School Lesson

Objective: To learn about prayer through the life of Hannah

Ice Breaker

Put animal names on yellow sticky pad on put on some children’s foreheads.

By asking questions, they have to guess who they are.

Thought: Need to keep asking God to get the answer.

Bible Card

  • Author: Samuel
  • Type: History
  • Written: 1000 to 900 BC
  • No. Chapters: 31
  • O.T. Book No.: 9


(i) Find out first what the children know about the story of Hannah.

(ii) Then give some background.

a) The story of Hannah is found in the 1st Book of Samuel.  As an answer to Hannah’s prayer, Samuel was born, who became the last of the Judges of Israel.

b) When Joshua conquered Israel, the ‘Tent of Meeting’ was set up in a place called Shiloh.  Read Joshua 18v1.

c)  For 450 years, the Judges managed things (Acts 13 v 19) and the ‘Tent of Meeting’ remained at Shiloh.

(iii) Tell the story about Hannah praying and Samuel being born.

Read 1 Samuel 1 v 1,2.  Hannah had no children.

Read 1 Samuel 1 v 1, 6-8.  Peninnah would upset Hannah.  That’s was not kind. Her husband tried to comfort her.

Where were they? 1,7 – In Shiloh.

Read 1 Samuel 1v9-18.   What did Hannah do?  She prayed very hard.

Where did she pray?  In the ‘Tent of Meeting’. Some versions say the temple.  Note. The temple in Jerusalem was not built yet (Samuel anointed David, who became the father of Solomon who built the temple in Jerusalem).  A temple is a place where God dwells and it also used to describe Jesus and also a Christian later in the bible.  So Hannah was praying in the presence of God.

How did Hannah pray?  Silently.  God hears our prayers even if they are said without words.  Can you pray without speaking?  Nehemiah also prayed a silent prayer.  (Nehemiah 1 v 4)

How did Hannah feel after she prayed? 1 Samuel 1 v 18.

Do you feel a peace and happier after you have prayed and asked God to help?  I do.

What happened next? 1 Samuel 1v20 – A baby boy called Samuel was born.

She later had 5 more children (1 Samuel 2v21).  God answered her prayer.

Do you have any prayers for God?

(iv) Hannah’s Second Prayer

Hannah prayed some more.  Look at 1 Samuel 2 v 1-2.

How did Hannah see God?

How is God a rock? God being a rock is talked about a lot in the bible.  Moses in answer to prayer caused water to flow from rock in the desert. (Numbers 20v11).

In 1 Cor 10v4, the rock represents Jesus, and the water that flows from the rock represents God’s Holy Spirit.

We can bring our prayers to God as well.


When we did Acts on prayer, we made our prayer rocks.

This time we are looking at bring our prayers to God.

Write out prayers and put them in a helium balloon.  This can be our silent prayers.

Blow up and tie up the balloon, then write on the balloon things like ‘God answers prayer’.


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