2 Kings Sunday School Lesson

To see that believing faith is shown by actions.

Ice Breaker
Make a sausage dog from a bendy balloon.
This shows how things are changed through actions.
Draw on the balloon, God changes things. Also read 2 Cor 5v17.

Bible Card

  • Author: Jeremiah
  • Type: History
  • Written: Around 550 BC
  • No. Chapters: 25
  • O.T. Book No.: 12
  • Study
    2 Kings is a continuation of 1 Kings, looking at the kings of Judah and Israel from the death of Ahab to the Exile of Judah. The stories also include the story of the final days of Elijah and the ministry of Elisha.

    Both of these prophets helped and were helped by those who were of Jewish and foreign descent showing that God cares for Gentiles as well as Jews. Look at what Jesus said about Naaman in Luke 4v27.

    Let us look at the story of Naaman the Syrian.

    Read 2 Kings 5v10-14.

    Talk about the story. Naaman was a great warrior, yet to be healed, he needed to be humble and wash himself in the river Jordan. The same river where John and Jesus baptised. Leprosy is a picture of what sin does to people. This is a story of where healing comes through faith.

    The things Naaman did:

    – Believed God’s healing by coming to Elisha
    – Obeyed God’s command for healing by washing in the Jordan
    – Chose to worship God after being healed.

    Remember, Jesus commended Naaman for believing the prophet.
    Believing faith is shown by actions.
    Discuss why Naaman’s actions showed he had believing faith.

    Make a Naaman Pop Up Craft after buying a template from Danielles Place Store.



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