Ezra Sunday School Lesson

Objective:  To work together.

Ice Breaker

Have a load of foam bricks with 4 laid out on the floor as a foundation.  Ask the children to build on the foundation in turn.  If the tower falls then that person is out.

Then ask to do the same thing, but work together this time.

The point is that if people work together on a building, then the building is stronger.

Bible Card

    • Author: Ezra
    • Type: History
    • Written: 450 – 400 BC
    • No. Chapters: 10
    • O.T. Book No.: 15


Ezra’s book starts with the Persian king Cyrus gave permission to rebuild the temple.  The Jewish people started to return and the foundations of the temple were rebuilt.  But the building was stopped by the enemies writing to the new king of Persia, Xerxes, to stop it.  The building was stopped for a long time until Haggai and Zechariah encouraged them to start again when Darius became king of Persia.  Read Ezra 5v1,2.

The enemies tried to stop them again but couldn’t and the temple was rebuilt encouraged by Haggai and Zechariah.  Read Ezra 6v14.

Note.  I am emphasising Haggai as this was the study we did last week.

The next king of Persia, Artaxerxes, gave a letter to Ezra to allow people to return to Jerusalem.  Read Ezra 7v13.  It is amazing how God worked through the kings of Persia to allow the temple to be rebuilt and the people to return and later the building of the walls through Nehemiah.

Read Ezra 5v8 to see what was said about the work.

Even if captivity, in difficult times, God worked through men and women like Ezra and Esther to bring about his purposes where there was real prayer and trust.

One important aspect of these books is to see how the people worked together.

In the New Testament, we read how God is building a spiritual temple with people, like living stones, being built on the foundation of Jesus Christ.  Read 1 Peter 2v5,6.


Clay people bricks.

Making clay bricks with names on it, built into a building.

Start with a clay tile with ‘Jesus’ written on it to be the foundation.

Also making a person made of clay to represent themselves and add to the building.


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