Esther Sunday School Lesson


To be ready when you are called to serve God. ‘For such a time as this’.

Ice Breaker

Tell the story of Esther using cut-out characters on sticks.
Key characters to have are:

  • King
  • Vashti
  • Esther
  • Mordecai
  • Haman
  • Bible Card

    • Author: Mordecai
    • Type: History
    • Written: 483-474 BC
    • No. Chapters: 10
    • O.T. Book No.: 17


    Read key verse: Esther 4v14

    God’s people were still in Persia. This is after the influence of Daniel.
    God is not mentioned in the book, but it is clear that God was looking after the people.
    Esther was in a very difficult position, but she needed to do something.
    How would she feel?
    She saw what happened to Vashti.
    She knew what sort of horrible person Haman was.
    She knew the king was unpredictable.

    But she was very brave and very clever and acted after much prayer and fasting.

    God was with her and helped her through this time, turning a terrible situation into a good situation.
    No wonder the Jews celebrated.

    Will you be ready to do what God has prepared something for you to do?

    Make a ‘Gragger’ which is a sort of Jewish tabourine.
    Get 2 paper plates and some peas.
    On the paper plates draw 2 faces, Haman and Esther.
    Make the plates look attractive.
    Put the peas between the plates, and staple the plates together.

    Then practice with a song such as ‘My God is so big, so strong and so mighty, there’s nothing my cannot do – bash, bash!’ etc.


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