Job Sunday School Lesson

To learn about patience.

Ice Breaker

Have a game where a you have to guess when a drip of water is going to drop.
You can only call out ‘Now’ once per drip.
If you call after the drip has dropped, then you are too late.
The person who calls out last before the drip gets the point.
The first one to 5 wins.

Ask if you needed to be patient in order to guess when the drip was going to drop (or the drop was going to drip).

Bible Card

    • Author: Unknown
    • Type: Wisdom
    • Written: 6th century BC
    • No. Chapters: 42
    • O.T. Book No.: 18

Job was known for his patience.
Read James 5v10,11.

Job had a lot of problems in his life and he was very patient to see the Lord sort them out.

Job was a good man and very rich, but his children were naughty.
Talk about how Job’s children died while having a bad party, and how he lost his riches through bad things that happened.

Say how the rest of the book is about Job very sadly talking about his problems with his friends.
In the end God answers and Job’s fortunes were restored, although his first children still died and he would always be sad about that. Read Job 42 v12-13.

Ask “Are you patient when things go wrong?”.


Act out the story with bricks and plastic animals in fields.


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