Psalms Sunday School Lesson


To start every morning with Jesus

Ice Breaker

Have one or two ‘Etch a Sketch’ toys.  Get them all to contribute to a picture of day while telling a story from getting up on a sunny day, going for a walk in the park, having tea then going to bed.

Then start a new day and clear the screen.    This day is stormy and they go to school with an umbrella. You have a teacher talking about something boring.  Then coming home, having tea and going to bed.

Then clear the screen.

The point is, every day we can start again with a clean sheet.

Bible Card

  • Author: David, Moses, Korah, Solomon and many others.
  • Type: Wisdom
  • Written: 1407 to 586 BC
  • No. Chapters: 150
  • O.T. Book No.: 19


Read Psalm 90 (or sectios of).

Who wrote Psalm 90?

Think of the 4 time periods mentioned:

a) Verse 2: God is from eternity to eternity

b) Verse 4: A thousand years is like yesterday.  Jesus wlking with us was like 2 days ago to God.

c) Verse 10: We live to 70 or 80 if we are strong and the days are full of hard work and sorrow.

d) Verses 12 and 14: Every morning start with God that we may make most of each day and that they may have song and rejoicing.

Draw a ‘Time Perspective’ picture on a whiteboard.

First a line from end to end showing God from eternity to eternity.

Then a cross to show when Christ lived.

A man after 2 thousand years (as it were 2 days)

A tombstone 80 years later.

Then ask what our life is like from verse 10.

How should we live this life?

What did Moses pray in verse 12 and 14?

For us to value every day and to start each day with His love that we might sing and rejoice all of our lives.

Play the song ‘Morning has broken’ from the Cat Stevens album ‘Teaser and the Firecat’ side 2.  The words were written by a Christian poet and the piano played by Rick Wakeman.



Make a card rotatory to illustrate starting each day with Jesus.

Cut out 2 circles of card.  The second has a piece cut out of it.

Click here to download shape template

In the lower half of the circle, colour it black.

In the upper half draw a sun rising.

Join them together in the centre with a split pin.  The shape should rotate showing darkness and the morning.

Then write on the top piece, Psalm 90 v 14 going around the outside, and in the middle write ‘Start every morning with Jesus’.


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