Song of Solomon Sunday School Lesson


To realise that we need to catch ‘little’ sins before they become a problem

Ice Breaker

Play the game ‘Jitter Bugs’ where the children have to catch bugs with a magnetic fishing rod.

Those bugs need to be caught before they eat the flowers.

We need to catch problems before they cause damage.

Bible Card

Author: Solomon
Type: Wisdom
Written: 971 – 931 BC
No. Chapters: 8
O.T. Book No.: 22


The Song of Solomon is a love story. It tells the story of a bridegroom and a bride going through different experiences that strengthen or damage their love. It is very poetical and uses picture language to explain their experiences.

One of those experiences was of little sins called foxes. If they were not caught, they would prevent their love being as fruitful as it should be.

Read Song of Solomon 2v14-15.

She was hiding from her husband and the foxes needed to be caught.

The picture language can be used to reflect the relationship between Jesus (the bridegroom) and the church (the bride).

Read Ephesians 5v27.

What can damage the relationship between Jesus and us.

Little foxes! Sins that if left unchecked, will grow and ruin our fruitfulness.


Make a door mural using sticky back stickers.

The key to the craft is a “Walplus AY 221 fox tree height measure” that can be provided by several suppliers.  Add to this some grapes and a sticky back verse that can be coloured in.


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