Ezekiel Sunday School Lesson


To know that God turns hearts of stone into hearts of flesh.

Ice Breaker

Turning balls of yellow into balls of pink.

Play a trick of changing 4 fluffy yellow balls into 4 fluffy pink balls.


I like to tell the children how tricks are done so that there is no illusion of magic involved.

Bible Card

    • Author: Ezekiel
    • Type: Major Prophet
    • Written: 593 -571 BC
    • No. Chapters: 48
    • O.T. Book No.: 26


Look at body parts as the link.

a) Eyes and Ears

Ezekiel was a prophet who lived in Jerusalem before he was exiled into Babylon.

While he was in Jerusalem, he prophesied to the people that because they were rebellious, they would be judged.

Read Ezekiel 12 v 1,2.  What did he says about their eyes and ears?  They saw but did not see.  They heard but did not hear.

After the exile, God spoke words of encouragement using other parts of the human body to explain.

b) Heart

Read Ezekiel 36 v 24-28 and read verses 25 and 26 again.

After God cleanses a person, what does He do to the heart?

He removes the heart of stone and replaces it with a heart of flesh.

Have you ever heard of a ‘hard hearted’ person.  It is a person who doesn’t care about how others feel.  In other words, lacking in love.

c) Bones

Read Ezekiel 37 v 1-14.  See how the dry bones came to life.  I played the ‘Dem Bones’ song by the Delta Rhthm Boys.

This is what God do.  He can change people who are like dry bones into spiritually alive people.  Make sure you avoid ‘Zombie’ talk, but talk about new life in Christ and how our sities are spiritually full of dry bones.  May God raise up a spiritual army of people dedicated to serve Him.


a) Hearts of Flesh

  1. Cut out a heart shape (or let the children cout out) for each child from pink foam using a heart shaped pastry cutterto draw around.   Write on it using a biro, ‘Heart of Flesh’ Ezekiel 36v27.
  2. Let the children roll out some modelling clay to about 1 cm in thickness.  Using the same pastry cutter, cut out heart shapes.   Then etch into the heart using an appropriate pen ‘Heart of Stone’.
  3. Let the children using modelling glue to glue the back of the foam and the stone together.
  4. Leave to dry.

b) Skeleton to Life.

Use a Jointed Person Kit to make a jointed person and colour it in.

Our children seemed to enjoy making this more than the heart.


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