Daniel Sunday School Lesson


To see that God answers prayer

Ice Breaker
There are a couple of ice breakers suggested here to show demonstrate success with protection.

a) Pushing cars through obstacles.
Set up the room with obstacles across the floor. Challenge the children with 1 push (no throwing or moving with the car) to get the car to the other end. When we did this, no-one achieved this, partly because of the rubbish cars we were using! Then, get an empty carpet tube (we used 2 joined together), slide the cars down the tube to the other side.
The illustration here is that with the protection of the tube, the other side could be reached. In the same way, Daniel with prayer and God’s angel, survived the lion’s den.

b) Buzzer machine.
Use an electronic current machine to see how far people can get without setting off the buzzer..

Then put tape around the hoop and people can get to the end.

The idea of this game is to represent that life is dangerous, but we protect ourselves with prayer.

Bible Card

  • Author: Daniel
  • Type: Major Prophet
  • Written: 656-606 BC
  • No. Chapters: 12
  • O.T. Book No.: 27


Read Daniel Chapter 6 and/or show the presentation found on this page: https://bibleforchildren.org/PDFs/english/Daniel_and_the_Lions_Den_English.pdf

Downloaded the pdf before the class, then show it as a presentation.

Ask the children what we can learn from this story.

One of the things is that we should pray and trust God in difficult times.

Do you know that Satan is described like a roaring lion. What are we meant to do when he roars at us?

Read 1 Peter 5v8,9. We are to stand strong in our faith, just like Daniel did. Is Satan roaring at you at the moment? Be strong. Trust God and pray. Ask for help if you need it.

Because it is a long story, manage the reading the story and talking about it so that it doesn’t takes up all of the study time.


Make a Lion’s den and act out the story.


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