Obadiah Sunday School Lesson

The lesson today is to teach is not to look down on people and how the proud fall.

Ice Breaker
Play a game of ‘Tumbling Monkeys’ and see how the monkeys fall.

Bible Card

  • Author: Obadiah
  • Type: Minor Prophet
  • Written: 586 BC
  • No. Chapters: 1
  • O.T. Book No.:31
  • Study
    Read the story of the Pharisee and the tak collector in Luke 18 v9-14

    What do you think about this story?
    Who did God listen to? The humble tax collector.

    Jerusalem was destroyed in 586 BC
    Read Obadiah verses 12-15

    Edom was of the people of Esau, the brother of Jacob.
    The Edomites were happy at the destruction, but they should not have been. God judged them as well.

    How should we behave?
    Read 1 Peter 5v5 and Proverbs 3v34
    With humility.

    Proverbs 16v18 tells us that pride comes before a fall.

    Create ‘Humpty Dumpties’.
    See who knows the nursery rhyme ‘Humpty Dumpty’.
    One explanation of the rhyme King Richard iii was a proud ruthless hunchback (humpty) king who died in the battle of Bosworth Moor in Leicestershire in 1485. Pride came before a fall, and none of the kings horses or men could put him back together again. In 2012 his remains were discovered, and it was found he had severe scoliosis of the spine and also had a roundworm infection in his tummy.

    Before the meeting, clean and blow some eggs. This is done by using an awl to make a hole at both end of the eggs, and after cleaning, blowing the contents out then cleaning the egg.

    Make arms, legs and tummy from card. Draw on a face and sit him on the wall.
    Write on the wall ‘Pride comes before a fall’.

    Also Obadiah 4: You fly high like an eagle. You make your nest among the stars. But I will bring you down from there, says the Lord.


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