Habakkuk Sunday School Lesson


To see things from God’s perspective

Ice Breaker

Get out an appropriate children’s card game with the cards in an order that favours the leader. Deal the cards out and play the game, making it obvious that you have dealt yourself the best cards.

See how the children react!! Does wrong doing prosper? Not before God, nor with your Sunday School children!.

Bible Card

  • Author: Habakkuk
  • Type: Minor Prophet
  • Written: 605 BC
  • No. Chapters: 3
  • O.T. Book No.: 35


Read Habakkuk Chapter 1 verses 2 to 4.

What do these verses say? Habakkuk is complaining about a lot of bad things that were going on.

God replies in verse 5. Watch. The Babylonians will sweep across the earth.

Read Habakkuk Chapter 1 v 12,13. Habakkuk complains again – why should
these evil men be allowed to do this?

Read Habakkuk Chapter 2 v 1.

Habakkuk climbs the watchtower to see God’s answer.

Bring out or build a watchtower made out of lego. Let one of the youngest make Habakkuk climb to the top.

What do Habakkuk see and learn?

Read Habakkuk chapter 3 verses 17-19

Even though lots of bad things may happen, he will rejoice and be glad because God is his saviour and he will look after him.

When things look bad what should you do?

a) Pray and look to God

b) See what God is saying

c) Rejoice in your salvation even though there is trouble.

d) Trust God for the strength to keep you through the trouble.

Key verses Habakkuk Chapter 3 v 18,19.


Make a telescope with 3 pieces of interlocking cardboard tube.

On the end, tape a piece of clear film.

On the film draw a cross.

On the side of the cardboard, attach a sticker with the words ‘Focus on God’.


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