Haggai Sunday School Lesson

To encourage generosity and to know God blesses those who bless Him.

Ice Breaker
Build a temple out of lego bricks on a foundation.

Bible Card

  • Author: Haggai
  • Type: Minor Prophet
  • Written: 520BC
  • No. Chapters: 2
  • O.T. Book No.: 37

Haggai was a young boy when Jerusalem was beaten, the temple destroyed and the people taken away to Babylon. Read Haggai 2v5 of how Haggai remembered how beautiful the temple was.

59 years later, Zerubabbel was appointed Governer of the first few people that returned and with Ezra took 2 years to lay the foundations of the temple, but it got no further for 17 years.

Haggai was an old prophet now and told them that they were not being blessed because they had not finished rebuilding the temple.

Read Haggai 1v3. It is time to restart the building. They were living in fancy houses while the temple was in ruins.
Read Haggai 1v9. They were not being blessed because of this.

So they started working on rebuilding the temple.
God said the new temple would be more beautiful than the last and peace would be given. Read Haggai 2v9

At the end of the book, Haggai told Zerubabbel that he would be like God’s signet ring because he was chosen. Read Haggai 2v23.

Explain that a signet ring was used to put a seal of their owner in wax on letters to prove who it came from. God worked powerfully through that leader. He wasn’t a king of Israel, but he was God’s chosen leader through whom he blessed Jerusalem.

If you are able to, give an example of a seal on plastercine or clay or paper, that would be helpful. In 1 Kings 21v8 Jezebel sealed letters on behalf of Ahab and in Esther, Haman sealed letters for the king.

Read Matthew 28 v18,19 – Jesus sends us with his power and authority.


The aim is to stamp baggage labels with each child’s name and with ‘Go in my name. Matthew 28v18,19 ).

Just as Zerubabbel went as God’s signet ring with God’s authority and under his governorship the temple and walls of Jerusalem were rebuilt. So we are sent under by the Lord Jesus Christ who has all authority.

The baggage label with your name on it represents being sent.


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