Zechariah Sunday School Lesson


Ice Breaker

Have a child ride on a wheeled wooden donkey through the Sunday School class through rows of children putting flowers or leaves or bits of cloth in the way.

Bible Card

  • Author: Zechariah
  • Type: Minor Prophet
  • Written: around 518 to 520 BC
  • No. Chapters: 14
  • O.T. Book No.: 38
  • Study

    Zechariah was written around the time the temple of Jerusalem was being rebuilt and the people of Israel were returning after bsiing exiled in Babylon for 70 years. Zechariah made a number of prophesies. Some relating to that time of restoration, but others like this one, were about the future.

    Read Zechariah 9v9 (ICB) “Rejoice, people of Jesusalem. Shout for joy, people of Jerusalem.
    Your king is coming to you. He does what is right, and he saves.
    He is gentle and riding on a donkey. He is on the colt of a donkey.”

    520 years is a long time. It is about that long ago that Columbus discovered America.
    A lot has happened since then.

    The Old Testament is revealed in the New Testament.
    Look at this prophesy.
    a) It is a joyful occassion with lots of shouting
    b) It is in Jerusalem
    c) A king arrives who does what is right and saves
    d) He is gentle or humble
    e) He is riding on a donkey.

    Who do you think this prophesy is talking about?

    Read John 12v12-15 and if time, Luke 19v28-40, Mark 11v1-10, Matthew 21v1-11.

    It is wonderful to see the prophesy and the actual event fitting together.

    As well as the prophesy, can we see any other lessons from the story?
    – Jerusalem did continue as a city, while Babylon did not.
    – Jesus is the king
    – Jesus is humble and gentle
    – Jesus is a righteous saviour

    What a wonderful Lord we have.


    Make a Palm leaf from a cut out of a hand in a tube.


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