Matthew Sunday School Lesson


To look forward to Jesus return in an active way.

Ice Breaker

Play the ‘Catch a fish’ game.  This is a game where you need to wait for the right moment for the fish to come and then catch the fish.  The point is that you need to be ready.  If you aren’t, you won’t catch the fish.

Bible Card

  • Author: Matthew
  • Type: Gospel
  • Written: AD 80 to AD 90
  • No. Chapters: 28
  • N.T. Book No.: 1


Often in scripture, we have several passages coming together to compliment a particular message such as the lost sheep, the lost coin and the lost son.

Matthew 25 contains 3 sections:

  1. The 10 bridesmaids
  2. The 3 traders
  3. The sheep and the goats

The 10 Bridesmaids. Matthew 25v1-13.  LADIES

The use of street lighting was first recorded in the city of Antioch from the 4th century.

Individuals needed their own lights to be able to see.

Act out the story after giving the volunteer bridesmaids battery lamps: some lamps that will not turn on and lamps that will (don’t tell them that some will not turn on).  Show how a working one will turn on.  Let the bridesmaids pretend they have fallen asleep.  Get one child to shout out that the bridegroom is coming and say quick, quick, turn on your lights.  The panic caused makes it all very real.

They all slept. The foolish maidens had no spare oil (batteries), ask to share their oil (battery) and have to go looking for another and are locked out.  The oil represents the Holy Spirit, without whom no-one can be saved. He draws us to Christ and when we believe, dwells in the believer.

Why could they not share their oil?  Each person must find the Lord for herself.

Will your light shine?

The 3 Traders: Matthew 25v14-30. MEN The third trader hid and did not use what was given to him.

Ask what the lesson tells us.  We need to use what we have been given and not hide.  One day we will be judged for what the Lord has given us.

Each of us has different gifts. We need to use the gifts that we have been given well.

Sheep and Goats: Matthew 25v31-46

Read relevant sections from the passage.

Ask how are we to treat other people?

Will you be inviting the stranger, clothing the poor, look after the sick or visit those in prisons. Not just the prisons for incarceration, but the prisons of addiction, loneliness, grief or rejection.

When you do so, try to remember that by doing this you are also doing it for Jesus.

Conclusion:  Will you:

  • Keep your light shining
  • Use your gifts
  • Care for the needy as if you were serving the Lord Himself.


Decorate a lamp and put on the message, “Let your light shine’.


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