Objective To see the glory of Jesus.

Ice Breaker
Use a prism to shone light through to make rainbows, showing that there is more to things than we see at first sight.

Bible Card

  • Author: Mark
  • Type: Jesus and the Church
  • Written: 66 – 70 AD
  • No. Chapters: 16
  • N.T. Book No.: 2

Study The Mount of Transfiguration.

This story is told in 3 of the gospel, alluded to in the fourth and in 1 John 1 and other places. It is an important story.
Read Mark 9v1-9.

Consider verse 1. Jesus said some would not die until they see the kingdom of God coming with power. What Jesus prophesised happened a week later. The transfiguration meant that the Kingdom of God had come with Power with Jesus.
Verses like this can seem confusing when seen in isolation

Ask the children about the key points in this story which is discussed in 3 gospels and alluded to in the other.

– Jesus shone – amazingly changed. His true nature revealed. Shining bright.
– Moses and Elijah appeared – people who had lived hundreds of years before. Death is not the end.
– They were frightened
– Peter was wrong in wanting to put Jesus as an equal to Moses and Elijah. Jesus is God’s son.
– God spoke in the same way he spoke at Jesus baptism. This is my Son, Look at Mark 1v11.
– They weren’t to tell anyone what had happened. That was a hard thing to hold in.

Wouldn’t this have been an amazing thing to see? So many things happened.

To make a model that transforms.
Have for each child:
– A cardboard person cut-out
– A cheap light/torch to be attached to the cardboard cut-out.
– A piece of linen cloth to wrap around the body as cloths that shine with the torch on.
– Cellotape to attach the torch to the body.
– Pens to draw a face.
– A piece of card saying ‘This is my Son’.

– Make the model, with the light showing up Jesus cloths and the voice of God speaking.


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