Luke Sunday School Lesson


Ice Breaker

Have some honey and breadsticks or teaspoons and have a tasting session.

Talk about how honey was used in the old days to sweeten foods and make them taste nice.  Honey was considered to be a health food.

If you have any honeycomb, show it to the children.

Bible Card

    • Author: Luke
    • Type: Gospel
    • Written: AD 60
    • No. Chapters: 24
    • N.T. Book No.: 3


Jesus was known for speaking wise words.  Sometimes they were encouraging, sometimes rebuking, but all meant for good.

Read Luke 4 v16-22 Look at what the people said in verse 22.  “All the people praised Jesus. They were amazed at the beautiful words he spoke. ICB (International Children’s Bible).

Jesus was declaring before the people he grew up with that he was the person that was being talked about in Isaiah.  That was a marvelous revelation.   What wonderful words he spoke.

(Then he told them off and they were unhappy with that.)

The bible says that the bible’s words are very valuable and also sweeter than the best honey.  Read Psalm 19 v7-11.  In particular look at verse 10.

We too are encouraged to use ‘Pleasant Words’ and how like honey, they can really help people.  Read Proverbs 16v24.

Also look at Colossians 4v6.  “When you talk, you should always be kind and wise…”.  There are other verses like this that encourage us to use good and pleasant words.

What pleasant words can you use to help people?

They can be words from the bible or just plain pleasant words.


Honeycomb Craft.

Buy some packs of honeycomb paper balls and give one to each child.

Cut out some paper rectangles with ‘Pleasant Words’ on each one.

Here is an example you can download.

Leave some blank for the children to write their own.  Make sure you include some verses from the bible.

Roll up the filled in paper rectangles long ways, and insert each one into a separate honeycomb hole.  They will slighly unfold sealing themselves into the honeycomb.


Attach a bee with Proverbs 16v24 on it.

“Pleasant words are like a honeycomb.  They make a person happy and healthy.” Proverbs 16v24 ICB



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