John Sunday School Lesson

To see how Jesus claimed to be the ‘I AM’ life giver.

Ice Breaker
Ask questions to the others about each child in turn to see how much people know about them:

What is your favourite colour?
Do you like custard?
Which of these 3 characters do you like best?
a) Winnie the Pooh
b) Iron Man
c) Thomas the Tank Engine?

See how many people got them right?
Add your own questions to make it fun.

How much do we know about each other?
Often we only know if we tell people.
Jesus told us a lot about himself in John’s Gospel.

Bible Card

    • Author: John
    • Type: Gospel
    • Written: AD 65-85
    • No. Chapters: 21
    • N.T. Book No.: 4

Study and Craft
I took some holiday pictures to look at most of the ‘I AM’s in John.
Make a poster of all of the I AM’s explaining each one in turn.

You need:
– A large piece of card
– Photos of the subject
– A piece of card to highlight the I AM. I used razor fish shells.
– A piece of card explaining what it means.

As you go through each verse, highlight each attribute of Jesus and how each verse shows how Jesus give us life.

Let the children make the poster.  I found it helped if I made up the materials before the lesson and let them put the poster together.

John 8v58 : Explain that Jesus is the I AM, which is the name which God called himself when he spoke with Moses at the burning bush.  It expresses the eternal present nature of God, even before Abraham was born.

John 14v6: I AM the way, the truth and the LIFE

John 8v12: I AM the light of the world.  Whoever believes in me will not walk in darkness but will have the light of LIFE

John 6v25: I AM the bread of LIFE

John 11v25: I AM the resurrection and the LIFE

John 15v5: I AM the vine, you are the branches… bearing much FRUIT

John 10v11: I AM the good shepherd who lays his LIFE down for the sheep.

John 10v9,10: I AM the gate … I have come that they may have abundant LIFE.

Consider who Jesus claimed to be and how he said he could save people that the may have LIFE.


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