Acts Sunday School Lesson


To learn about prayer

Ice Breaker

Bring in some worms and talk about different types of worms.

In olden times, worms used to live in pigs and if you ate pork not properly cooked, you could get nasty tummy worms.

By not eating pork, Jews were unlikely to get tummy worms,

Bible Card

    • Author: Luke
    • Type: Jesus and the Church
    • Written: 80-90 AD
    • No. of Chapters: 28
    • N.T. Book No.: 5


Read all of Acts 12.

Herod Agrippa, also known as Herod or Agrippa I , was a King of Judea from 41 to 44 AD.

He order James to be killed.

He put Peter in Jail.

After Peter was resued by and angel he killed his guards.

He did not give God the glory and he died from worms after an angel punished him.

If you have an older group, you could refer to a historian who of the time,  Josephus, in Antiquities 19.8.2 343-361 also speaks of Herod’s death where he describes the angel as an owl and he had “A severe pain arose in his belly, striking with a most violent intensity” and he took 5 days to die in agony.

How did the church react to these bad things? – wait for an answer.  They prayed.

They did not fight, form a resistance movement or cause trouble.

Read Acts 12v12.  They were praying for Peter’s release, but he had to keep knocking to be let in.

God works in wonderful ways in answer to prayer, and we don’t always recognise it.

Later on in Acts, we read about Paul talking to Herod’s son, King Herod Agrippa II.

He had a different attitude and was challenged to become a Christian.

What did Paul pray?  Read Acts 26v28 to 29  He prayed for all people as well as the king to be saved, except for the chains.

For older children: Some people used the acronym ACTS to remember how to pray.  Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication, which is a common format for prayers in the New Testament.


Prayer rocks.

Get rocks and draw prayers on them with ‘sharpies’ which are a type of pen that can be used to draw on ceramics and rocks.
Let the children be creative.


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