Galatians Sunday School Lesson

To realise that we need to help each other.

Ice Breaker

Ask for a volunteer.
Ask the child to see how much they can hold. Ask them to put out ther hands and say you will be putting things on their hands, but if they need any help, they must say.

Bring out a bag of sugar. Say this bag of sugar represents some responsibility such as doing their homework and put it on their hands.
Bring out a box of icing sugar. Add this to their hands and say this represents a chore that you have been asked to do this week, which is clearing up the breakfast pots.

When they say they need some help, ask for a volunteer who can put their hands underneath the first child’s hands. Then add another weight. See if you can get a few children to help.

Then take the bags away.

Ask the children about the experience and how the first child how it felt when you got help.

Then get a child to read the verse: Galatians 6:2
What does it mean to share your burden’s?

Hand out the bible card.

Bible Card

  • Author: Paul
  • Type: Letter
  • Written: 49 AD
  • No. Chapters: 6
  • N.T. Book No.: 9

Some people think that to live the Christian life, you need to be strong like Sir Lancelot or Maid Marrian. You need to put on your armour, fight the good fight and win the day in the strength of God.

But this view overlooks the fact that we need each other. The church is described as body with different parts. Each part has a part to play and each one needs to do their part for the church to function properly.

Let a child read Galatians 6 v 1-10.
On a Whiteboard, write out things that these verses say:
– We need to be gently restored when we make a mistake
– We need to help with each other’s burdens
– Don’t think of yourself more highly than you should
– Share good things
– You reap what you sow
– Don’t get tired about doing good things.
– You do have your own load to bear
– You will get a reward for keeping going.
– Do good when you have the opportunity.

See if they can give examples of when they can do these things.

Look at some other verses:
Phillippians 2:4
1 Thessalonians 5:11
John 15:13

Read the story of Moses needing help from Hur and Aaron raising his hands in Exodus 17 v 10-13


Read Ecclesiastes 4v12.
We are like chords and together we are stronger.

Teach the children how to plait.
In pairs, make a cross by plaiting 3 chords.

You will need a strong stapler, a cross cut out, a background piece of card and a frame.


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