Ephesians Sunday School Lesson

To be a light for Jesus

Ice Breaker
Get a model or a picture of a light house and show how they save sailors from the rocks and show the sailors the safe way into the harbour.

Bible Card

  • Author: Paul
  • Type: Letter of Paul
  • Written: AD 62
  • No. Chapters: 6
  • N.T. Book No.:10

Joke: Ephesians is what you say (instead of cheese) when you have a photograph taken.
Read Ephesians 5v-16

This passage tells us that we were once living in darkness.
This means that without knowing Jesus, we did not see the real purpose of life.
By trusting Jesus, we can see what really matters in life.

Then it says we are lights for Jesus.
How do we shine for Jesus?
By living as Jesus would want us to live and telling people about the real meaning to life.

Jesus said we are children of light? How is this? Because we have been born again from the light of the world who is Jesus.

What does being a light mean?
– Find out what pleases Jesus
– Have nothing to do with bad things
– Don’t even talk about these bad things
– Show up lies, hurting and nastiness for what they are. Sharing what the bible says is a help.
– Be wise how you live
– Make the most of every opportunity.

Jesus said we are lights to the world. Read Matthew 5v14-16

By being a lighthouse, we can show people where the rocks are and the safe way to the harbour, which is Jesus.

Today we are making a lighthouse.
– Cardboard tube
– Small plastic cup
– Tilly light
– Clay
– Shells
– Black Tape
– White Paper
– Tile
– Printed verse Ephesians 5v8

1) Stick the tilly light on top of the tube.
2) Fasten one part of the cup with tape over the top so that you can cover the light. Make sure the switch is on the other side of the tape fastening.
3) Cover the tube with paper.
4) Make stripes down the lighthouse with the tape
5) Put the clay on the tile, with the lighthouse stuck in the middle
6) Put the shells over the clay to look like rocks.
7) If you have a little model person, you can put the person in the lighthouse with the light.

On the tile, stick on the verse Ephesians 5v8.