1 Timothy Sunday School Lesson

Objective To Pray for all people.

Ice Breaker
Play a game of pairs using the royal cards of a pack of cards.
Say the the royal cards represents the leaders and the number cards represents the workers.
Then ask is it important to pray for leaders as well as the workers.

Bible Card

    • Author: Paul
    • Type: Letter of Paul
    • Written :AD 62
    • Book No.: 6
    • N.T. Book No.: 15

Read 1 Timothy 2 v1-6.

This passage asks us to pray for all people and that God wants all people to be saved, which can only be through Jesus Christ.

Read verse 1 again. Who are we asked to pray for? All people.
a) For the things people need
b) We are also to be thankful.

Get suggestions as to what we can pray for people.

Read verse 2 again. Who especially do we need to pray for? We are asked to pray for leaders.
Ask if they know who the leaders are? e.g. The Queen, Theresa May.
This benefits us in that we can have quiet and peaceful lives and not get interfered with.
Think about what we can pray for them?

Read verse 3 again. How does God feel about our prayers? It pleases Him.

Read verse 4 again. Who does God want to be saved? All people. This is through Jesus Christ.
So we can pray that people will get saved.
We can also say thank you to our Lord Jesus for paying for our sins on the cross.

Make a prayer pot.
Write on lolly sticks these different prayers and decorate a cup to put them in.


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