Philemon Sunday School Lesson

To see how Christianity helped in slavery.

Ice Breaker

Bible Card

  • Author: Paul
  • Type: Letter of Paul
  • Written: AD 61
  • No. Chapters: 1
  • N.T. Book No.: 18

We know that in 1 Peter 2v18-20, we were told that slaves should obey their masters, giving the example of Jesus who pressed on even in difficult situations, so follow in His footsteps.
Also in Galatians 3v28, there is neither slave nor free in Christ.

We have this story of Philemon, the master, having a useless slave called Onesimus. Onesimus helped Paul and was sent back to Philemon encouraging him to treat Onesimus as a brother.

Look in Colossians 4v9 how Onesimus had a useful roll.

Cut out strips of paper and then staple them into chains.
Let the children put their hands and feet into the chains.

THen together say, ‘Jesus sets me free’ and break the chains together.



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