Hebrews Sunday School Lesson

To see that the ‘Old’ is by the ‘New’ revealed.
Ice Breaker

Play the card game ‘Pairs’. All the cards are turned upside down, and the picture is revealed when you turn it over and you can match them up.

So also, you can match the old testament up with the new testament when the meanings are revealed.

Bible Card

    • Author: Paul
    • Type: Letter
    • Written: 65-70 AD
    • No. Chapters: 13
    • N.T. Book No.: 19

We looked in Isaiah how the ‘New’ is in the ‘Old’ concealed.
Here we can see a book where the ‘Old’ is by the ‘New’ revealed.

We are going to use the example of a priest.

What is a priest?
Look at Hebrews chapter 5v1 – Someone who represents people before God.

Look at Hebrews 4v14-16 – Jesus is our high priest.

Give a bit of background of the high priest in the old testament.
Aaron, Moses brother was the first Jewish high priest (Exodus 28v1) who was to represent the Jewish people before God.

However, there was a high priest mentioned earlier in the bible. Read Genesis 14v16-18.
Melchizedek who:
– Brought bread and wine
– Blessed Abram
– Received a tithe from Abram.
Look also at Psalm 110v4, Hebrews 5v6 and Hebrews 5v10.
Jesus is our high priest after the order of Melchizedek.
So the ‘Old’ is by the ‘New’ revealed.

Do a scratch art which reveals colour as you scratch out the word ‘Jesus’.


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