James Sunday School Lesson


To appreciate that God lifts up the humble.

Ice Breaker

Bounce balloons around and see how long you can keep them up without one touching the ground.

Bible Card

  • Author: James the half-brother of Jesus
  • Type: Letter
  • Written: AD 46 – 49
  • No. Chapters: 5
  • N.T. Book No.: 20


Let us look at different ways God helps or lifts-up people.

1. Praying for help. Read James 1v5. If you don’t know what to do, what should you do? Pray. But how should you pray in verse 6? With believing and not with doubting prayer. We need to be trusting God in our prayers.

2. God’s teaching is not accepted by the proud. Sin needs to be taken out of our lives by humbly accepting and obeying God’s teaching that leads to Salvation. Read James 1v21.

3. Don’t think you are more important than other people. Read James 2v1

4. Do good things without being proud. Read James 3v13.

5. Trust God for the future. Don’t be proud in your assumptions. Read James 4v14,15

6. What is God’s attitude to the proud and the humble? Read James 4v6 and then James 4v10 in the King James version. “Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall lift you up.”

Will you be proud or humble ?


Make a James 4v10 kite.
The thinking is that God lifts up the humble in the same way as the wind lifts up the kite.

You can make a kite or use bought ones We used bought ones as it could take a long time to make the kite from scratch and manage the children at the same time. In the UK, they are £1 each.

On the kite, write on ‘God lifts up the humble’. James 4v10. You can choose your own words. Remember that the kites may be flown in public places so make sure that any message is clear and helpful.


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