2 Peter Sunday School Lesson


To encourage the children to grow spiritually.

Ice Breaker

Ask the children if they have read the book ‘The very hungry caterpillar’ by Eric Carle?

Ask what is it about?

If you have one, bring in a caterpillar cage.

Ask about the life cycle of the caterpillar.

Bible Card

  • Author: Peter
  • Type: Letter
  • Written: Between 65 and 68 AD
  • No. Chapters: 3
  • N.T. Book No.:22


Read 2 Peter 1v5-8

Look how each quality builds onto the next.
What must the Christian life start with? Faith.
Why is faith the start of the Christian life, and it cannot start without it?

Look how the ‘Christian Caterpillar’ grows:

  • Faith
  • Goodness
  • Knowledge
  • Self Control
  • Endurance or Perseverance
  • Godliness
  • Christian Affection or Brotherly Kindness
  • Love.

Explain each one in turn.

See how they can make you grow by helping you be active and effective in knowing Jesus.


Make a hungry caterpillar.

Give out a kit to each child:
Leaf (to cut out or pre-prepared)
Flags (qualities) to cut out and stick to cocktail sticks.

Verse to cut out
Small cakes to hand out. (Note. My wife is an excellent cook!!)
Put the flags in each cake and grow the caterpillar.
The first cake, Faith, is the head. Decorate with strawberry lace of squeezy icing.
Small tray to put the caterpillar in.


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