2 John Sunday School Lesson

To consider what it means to live a life of love.

Ice Breaker

Give each child a piece of paper and divide out a ruler, a black pencil, blue and red crayons.  Each child should have only one of these.

Then have a race to draw the best flag as fast as you cen.

See how the children co-operate to draw the flag.

When they have finished, review how they co-operated to draw the flag.  Did they act in ‘love’ to share what they had?

Bible Card

    • Author: Paul
    • Type: Letter
    • Written: AD 60-95
    • No. Chapters: 1
    • N.T. Book No.: 24


Read out 2 John v6 The children’s bible I use says ‘And loving means living the way he commanded us to live.  And God’s command is this: that you live a life of love.  You have heard this command from the beginning.

Ask what does it mean to live a life of love.

Ask the children what stories of Jesus did they know.

Write suggestions on a board as they are made.

Then go through each one and ask how Jesus acted in love in each situation.

Have a child read 1 Corinthians 13v4-7.

Who lived a life of love?  Our Lord Jesus Christ.


Give each child a write band and draw on WWJD.    If room, put on 2John v6 ‘Live a life of love’.


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