Revelation Sunday School Lesson


To look at the prophesy of Jesus’ return and to overview the bible with the tree of life illustration.

Starting Questions

  • What book are we doing today?
  • How many book are there in the bible?
  • What book number is Revelation?
  • How many books are in the New Testament?
  • Who wrote Revelation?

Bible Card

  • Author: John
  • Type: Prophesy
  • Written: AD 95-96
  • No. Chapters: 22
  • N.T. Book No.: 27


Last week we had our Harvest Thanksgiving service.
In the end times of this earth, there will be another harvest.
Read Revelation 14v14-16
– Jesus returns on a cloud with a golden crown and a sickle to harvest the earth.
– Read 1 Thessalonians 4 v 16-18 and remind them of this study, meeting Jesus in the clouds.

Read Revelation 21v1-4: There will be a new heaven and new earth for those who have trusted in Jesus as their saviour.
Read Revelation 22v1-2: There will be a crystal river (water of life) with the tree of life on either side, with 12 fruits to eat and leaves for healing.

Read Genesis 2v9: Talk about the 2 trees. The tree of life, and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Draw diagram with key points:

  • 2 trees – Adam and Eve disobeyed God and ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil
  • This led to a separation from God
  • Read Romans 6v23. Sin earns death, but Jesus gives eternal life. Discuss what this means.
  • Through Jesus Christ, we can receive forgiveness and salvation to be brought back to God, and eat of the tree of life in heaven.


Fold a piece of green card in half (A4 to A5), and unfold.
Cut down from top end to the fold multiple times to create strips.

Roll up tree and the place the tree base into a cut down cardboard tube.
Write ‘Tree of Life’ on white sticker and stick to the tube.
Decorate the tree with fruit stickers. Put 12 different fruit stickers on the tree.

Place all of the children’s trees around a crystal river made of stone crystals or equivalent.

Extra Time Craft

We had extra time to make trees of the knowledge of good and evil.
This is made by drawing around a child’s hand on brown card.
Cut out the card and fold into a cut down cardboard tube.
Staple leaves onto the finger branches and stick fruit onto the tree.

Messy Church Easter 2021

During the lockdown, we have been thinking how we could carry on Messy Church whilst maintaining social distancing, meeting the government guidelines and keeping safe. So we have come up with ‘Messy Church in a box’. Boxes will be going out in March 2021.